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Simple.. just TEXT or WHATSAPP images of your items to 0831587298 or EMAIL to ENTRIES@AUCTIONXCHANGE.IE & a valuer will contact you with a no obligation vaulation & collection/delivery options, if applicable.

Please provide as much detail as possible to maximise the re-marketing opportunity: e.g. brand, age, original purchase price, where originally purchased, dimensions, current location, if appropriate: model name, number, mileague/volumne etc.

If you wish to convert your assets into cash, please contact us on 01-2930020 where our staff can talk you through the process and advise you on setting Advised Minimum Values (AMVs) for your items. Alternatively complete the 'What's it Worth' form and a member of staff will contact you with a no obligation valuation..

What's it Worth ?

Sales Process:

All items are: lotted, catalogued, displayed in our showroom, published on our website and entered into the next weekly auction -  6.30pm, every second Tuesday.

- the lots sell at auction at a hammer price ranging from: the Advised Minimum Value (AMV) to any amount in excess of the AMV;
- if any lot does not sell at auction, it converts to 'Buy Now' and is available to bid on & buy at its AMV for 6 days;
- if any lot is not sold after the 'Buy Now' period, it converts to an 'Un-reserved' status and is re-entered into the next Auction with No Reserve price and sold to the highest bidder.

The commission fee is 15% plus VAT on the lot(s) Hammer Price (see note 6 - commission structure).

Our staff can advise you of bidder interest and offer levels received to date, at any time during the process. If lot(s) are unsold post entry in the initial Auction, you are welcome to exit/remove your lot(s) from this process, providing 3 days notice, without penalty.

This selling process maximises the prices paid by the market. So what are you waiting for? Why not start the ball rolling and give us a call today...01-2930020 or e-mail us at info@auctionxchange.ie

What's it Worth ?

Selling at Auction Xchange, Video Guide:

1. Auction Item Entry

Auction Xchange accepts a wide variety of  items for auction including:
Domestic: household items; quality furniture; antiques; garden equipment;  etc. Commercial: disposal stock; office furniture; catering equipment; business equipment, liquidated stock, etc. You are welcome to call in to the premises with your items during business hours. To avoid  any inconvience, we recommend you call us in advance to discuss the potential for sale at auction and schedule a time for collection or delivery to the showroom.

If your items are too large or numerous we can arrange for a staff member to visit your premises to inspect the sale items.  The auctioneers have sole discretion with all entries and do not accept items in a poor state. We can provide an onsite Auction Service or we can arrange delivery of goods to the Auction Xchange showroom to meet your preference. Identification in the form of drivers licence or passport will be required to enter goods for auction.

2. Collection Service

If you need assistance with collection of your items, our staff will be happy to schedule to your requirements.

Transportation charge incorporates one way travel, loading and unloading time + toll charges if applicable:
- Box Van & Hydraulic Tail Lift + One Mover is €73.80 [€60+VAT] per hour (mimimum charge one hour);
- Box Van with Hydraulic Tail Lift + Two Movers is €98.40 [€80+VAT] per hour (minimum charge one hour).

Auction Xchange does not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage arising in any way from utilising the collection service.

3. Items are Catalogued

Our staff are on hand to explain the auction process and assist in the valuation of your items. This service is free and without obligation.

Auction Xchange catalogues each item entered for auction: recording a description, assigning a lot number and where appropriate an Advised Minimum Value (AMV)

4. Setting a Reserve

A reserve price means that your item(s) will not be sold unless bidding meets or exceeds the reserve price you set. Our staff can advise reserve values if required, based on previous sale prices achieved.

5. Advertising

national pressThe Auction Xchange catalogues are distributed in printed form at the showroom and are available on the website including an image of the item.

Auctions are advertised in advance of the sale day, utilising our local and international database, targeted internet advertising, local & national press and radio advertising.

6. Prospective Buyer Viewing

InspectionThe showroom is open to the public for viewing during business hours. This allows prospective buyers the time to fully inspect the items they wish to bid for. If viewers are unable to attend the auction they can submit an online or onsite absentee bid.

7. Commission Structure

Sellers will be required to pay an auctioneers commission per lot on the hammer price at a rate of 15% + VAT [18.45%] or a minimum commission of €5.00 [€4.07+VAT] per lot.

Hammer Price Achieved €100.00
Commission Cost @ 15% €15.00 (€100*15%)
Commission VAT @ 23% €3.45 (€15*23%)
Total paid out €81.55

8. Payment Out

Auction Xchange will issue a receipt  detailing the lot(s) hammer price minus applicable fees and dispatch a cheque/bank transfer within 21 days post the purchaser's payment.

9. Auction Re-Entry


If an item is unsold, you may wish to present it in the next auction as per the sales proceedure. If the lot had a reserve price you may wish to offer the item for sale with a lower reserve or remove any reserve and choose to accept the highest bid by the market.

If you do not wish to re-enter the item(s) into the next auction, you will be required to collect these items from the showroom within the specified collection period after the auction (detailed at the auction).

Any item(s) that are not collected within the specified collection period after the auction, will be subject to the applicable number of units of weekly storage charge €25.00 [€20.33+VAT].

10. Storage & Disposal Facility Available


Storage Fees do not apply to item(s) during the auction sale process.

A storage facility is available at a Per Day rate of:
€2.85 +VAT [€3.50] per 100 cubic sq. ft. (5ft. x 5ft. x 4ft. high). Minimum charge one day. Auction Xchange does not accept any responsibilty or liability for any loss or damage arising in any way from utilising the storage facility.

A disposal service is available at a rate of €10.00 [€8.13+VAT] Per 70cm Length x 42cm Depth x 32cm Height [50% of our Orange Storage Crate]. Minimum charge of one unit.