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Green Agenda

At a time of climate emergency, Auction Xchange facilitates the choice for consumers & businesses to adopt the circular economy.

Environmental Sustainability

At a time of climate emergency, we are all trying to do more to minimise our environmental impacts on the planet. There are many steps businesses of all sizes can take to reduce their carbon emissions.

Two key options are re-cycling and re-using to avoid landfill contributing towards further depletion of natural resources like woods and metals.

Implementing re-cycling processes at your workplace is likely to be attractive to your customer base, can boost your staff's morale and can earn the business a return. If your business is considering a refurbishment, think of Auction Xchange, to assess the obsolete equipment, fittings & furniture, etc. prior to making the decision for it to go into costly storage or to landfill.

Alternatively, if you are in the market buying at Auction Xchange can save your company a lot of money. Buying "used" does not have to mean you end up with low-quality furnishings! We auction many high-end brands like Herman Miller and Haworth at a fraction of their retail prices. Whether you are a private individual, start-up or a large corporate, there is now a choice for you & your business to adopt the circular economy model.

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