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Buying at Auction


1) register online 

2) bid online..

(a) in the AUCTION catalogue, if you bid on a Lot your bid will be submitted for the next weekly Tuesday online auction, OR
(b) in the BUY NOW catalogue, if you bid on a Lot at its published reserve, it will be added to your CART to transact, OR
(c) in the BUY NOW catalogue, if you bid on a Lot below the published reserve, your bid will be registered for the next weekly Tuesday online auction (if the Lot remains unsold)


Tuesday Auction

Lot(s) submitted for sale with Auction Xchange are entered into our Weekly ONLINE Auction, that takes place at 6.30pm every Tuesday. You can place your 'best bid' any time while browsing the catalogue &/or bid in realtime during Tuesdays Online Auction.

Buy Now at AMV €

These Lot(s) have previously run through an auction and are now available to 'Buy Now' at the published Advised Minimum Value (AMV). Lot(s) can be purchased at our Auction Showroom during business hours or via online bids at any time.

Buy Now - Option Sales: when an Lot(s) (of which there are multiple) is auctioned, the winning bidder has the option to purchase as many of these items as he wishes, at the winning bid price. Any balance of Lot(s) remaining, are then available to underbidders at that winning bid price, i.e. the AMV.

Buy Now - Any Offer Considered: There may be a 'reserve' price set by the seller on an Lot(s). If the submitted bid does not reach the Lot(s) reserve price, but is within a reasonable region, Auction Xchange may accept a "provisional sale". The Auctioner will contact the seller to ask if they will accept the bid, or try to negotiate a price in between. If successful, Auction Xchange will make contact with the bidder to facilitate a transaction.

Tender Sales

These items are often available for inspection 'off-site' by appointment. If you wish to schedule a viewing or obtain further information on these items, please call us on 01-2930020 during business hours. Otherwise place a bid and if of a relevant value Auction Xchange will make contact with the seller and revert. Bids that match buyers and sellers requirements are transacted.

Auction Xchange Buyers Guide:

1. View Lot(s) Thoroughly

Lots are available for viewing & inspection at the showrooms during Auction Xchange's standard business hours.

Some Lots may have Approximate Grading to assist assessing the physical appearence of the item (note: not the operating status): Grade A: used but in very good condition; 
Grade B: there may be some light cosmetic damage, such as scratches & scuffs; Grade C: excessive or significant scratches, paint chips or dents.

Lots may carry an Advised Minimum Value (AMV). These are minimum value, guide estimates and are not binding or intended as a price list.

All auction sales are final and Lots are sold “as seen" 'Caveat Emptor' (buyer beware) with no guarantees or warranties. There are no refunds, returns or exchanges on any Lot(s).

Please NOTE: this is a Public ONLINE Auction and NOT a consumer or retail sale - Lots including second-hand, returns, ex-display and damaged goods are sold as seen with no guarantees which is why Public Viewing is available 6 days a week and recomended.

2. Register for a Buyer Number

In order to Bid & therefore Buy @ Auction Xchange, you are required to REGISTER online. This process is completed once, so if you have previously placed a bid you already have a Buyer # allocated to you.

Register or Login online to place bids and partake in the Online Auctions. When logged in you can track all your online bids to date & their current status.

3. Commission Fees

Buyers will be required to pay an auctioneers commission Per Lot on the hammer price at a rate  of 20% + VAT [24.6%] or a minimum commission of €5.00 [€4.07 +VAT]  Per Lot.

Example - Lot Auctioned: Asset VAT "N/A"

No VAT on the hammer price applies:
Hammer price €100.00
Comission cost €20.00 (€100*20%)
Comission VAT €4.60 (€20*23%)
Total due €124.60

Example - Lot Auctioned: Asset VAT "23%"
VAT on the hammer price applies:
Hammer price €100.00
Hammer VAT €23.00 (€100*23%)
Comission cost €20.00 (€100*20%)
Comission VAT €4.60 (€20*23%)
Total due €147.60

4. Bid Online

For ONLINE auctions: once you are Logged In, clicking Place Bid will assign your Buyer # automatically to all your bids.

You can place your 'best bid' any time while browsing the catalogue &/or bid in realtime during Tuesdays Online Auction. The Online Auction Catalogue - each page takes approximately 15 minutes to run through, begining at page 1.

For LIVE Auctions: if you wish to bid on a Lot, listen for the auctioneer to announce the relevant Lot Number and description. Take note if the Lot is subject to VAT or not - which is displayed for each individual listing on the catalogue & also on the Total Cost Calculator provided individually on each Lot on the online catalogue.

Don't worry, our Auctioneers will not take your cough, a wink or a raised elbow as a bid. When you want to bid, listen to the auctioneer, agree with the proposed bid price and hold up your buyer number.

If at any time you are unclear, our team are on hand  to offer advice on all aspects of the auction process. We are here to make the auction a fun and rewarding experience.

5. The Highest Bidder is the Buyer

Outright Sale: is the highest bid equal to or above the published Reserve Range when the Online Auction Countdown Timer elapses. 'Sold' will display and this successful bid is added to your CART awaiting transaction.

Provisional Sale: There may be a 'reserve' price i.e. a minimum sale price required by the seller on Lot(s). If the highest bid has not reached the Lot(s) reserve price, the sytem will transfer the Lot into to Buy Now Catalogue at the Reserve.  "Provisional Sale" = subsequently, the auctioneer  may contact the vendor to ask if they will accept the bid, or try to negiotate a price in between.

Option Sale: a multiple of similar/related Lot(s) may be auctioned individualy "with the option". The highest bidder earns the option to purchase at the winning bid price as many of the Lots as he wishes. Any balance of Lots may be offerd to underbidders through the Buy Now catalogue at that price or re-auctioned.

6. Payment / CART

All successful Bids are located  in your CART. Any Buy Now Lots can be added to your CART by placing bids at the published AMVs.

Online Tuesday Auction successful bids must transact a Non-Refundable Deposit [21.5% of Hammer Price] by 7.00pm Wednesday to secure the Lot(s).

On collection, you can inspect the Lot(s) and Pay the balance OR forfeit your Non-Refundable Deposit. Payment in Full & Collection is required 2 days after the Sale Date. thereafter Storage Charges apply at a rate of €3.50 [€2.85+VAT] Per Pallet Per Day (minimum one pallet, applicable 7 days of the week).

Payment methods: Bank Card; EFT for post deposit payments. Cash & Cheques are NOT accepted. NOTE: Auction Xchnge is Cashless.

7. Collection

All Lot(s) MUST be collected within the specified collection period (up to 4 days after the sale date).

Any Lot(s) Not collected within the specified collection period will be subject to a minimum Storage Charge of €6.15 [€5.00+VAT] Per Pallet Per Day (100 cubic sq.ft. [5ftx5ftx4ft high] minimum one pallet / applicable 7 days a week).

8. Storage / Delivery Service

If you need assistance with delivery of your Lot(s) please contact our team who may be in a position to recommend: a third party provider; local route to your location; applicabe  van type required; specialist transport; etc.

Storage Charge Per Day €6.15 [€5.00+VAT] Per Pallet Per Day (100 cubic sq. ft. [5ft x 5ft x 4ft high] (minimum one pallet / applicable 7 days a week).

Auction Xchange does not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage arising in any way from utilising the storage and/or third party delivery service.